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Loose Tooth Trouble

Story by: Melissa Bixby

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About the Book

Let Loose and Learn More!

Bobby has a loose tooth, and every time he wiggles it, it hurts!

Journey through this imaginative character’s day, as he receives some hilarious, outrageous, and comical suggestions, on how to remove his tooth, and end his loose tooth trouble!

This unique, funny story, coupled with creative and hilarious illustrations (and a cute cat hidden on each page), tackle a universal dilemma that all children are faced with during their childhood, and guide the reader to appreciate that sometimes the simplest solution is the best one.

*Bonus Fun* Find Joey the Cat Hidden on Every Page of the Book!


Losing a tooth is a rite of passage for so many children...and their parents! Melissa Bixby has written a book that shares the excitement and anxiety a child feels when they are about to lose a tooth.s.

Amy H., School Librarian

A great book to go back to again and again as there are 20 teeth that each child has to lose.

Deanna Beech, Phd.

If there ever was a book that deserved a spot on the table in the children’s dentist office, it’s “Loose Tooth Trouble."

A.C. Szul, Author

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