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That's a Unique Way to Remove a Loose Tooth! Funny Children's Book about Losing a Tooth

 Ever Find Yourself with a Loose Tooth, a Piece of Rope, and a Doorknob,  Ready to End the Wiggly Tooth Trauma? 

This Must Have Book about Losing a Tooth For Kids with Bring Loads of Laughter to All Ages!

Searching for a Unique Gift for a Kid that Lost Their First Tooth?

book about losing a tooth

Read this children’s book (and find the adorable hidden cat on each page) before you attempt to remove a loose tooth yourself!

Everyone has (or had) teeth!

It's true. First we get those painful baby teeth, and thank goodness we don't remember that pain. The only ones who remember that experience are the ones who took care of you during your teething experience. 

They probably gave you ibuprofen and Tylenol for children rotating every 6 hours. They may have even put a wet washcloth in the freezer and gave you that to suck on for a while.

They may have rubbed some baby numbing ointment on your gums. 

Whatever they did, you don't remember it. Again, thank goodness for that.

The pain is excruciating, I'm sure, just based on what I've witnessed as a mother.

As those baby teeth start getting loose and falling out, enter the tooth fairy, and there is usually scramble to be creative with tooth fairy gifts.

Enter the Loose Tooth-Tooth Fairy Book Gift Set, perfect for those little kids with their first loose teeth!

One of my most favorite personal successes of all time was self-publishing a children’s book titled, Loose Tooth Trouble.

My young son once spent an entire dinner discussing new and off-the-wall ways to remove his loose teeth.  As a writer at heart, my head got spinning with ideas, and the book was born. But there’s a serious side; I wanted to create something that added some light relief for children who are anxious and scared about their teeth becoming loose and falling out. I was terrified of the idea as a kid–I wish someone had written me a story to make the whole ordeal somewhat funny!

I’ve been blessed to have received such great reviews from many unpaid, independent third parties, that I’ve decided to get seriously started on publishing the next book very soon!

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Melissa Visits Schools around Illinois and Presents about Becoming an Author and Writing.
About the Author:
Melissa Bixby was born in Park Ridge, Illinois, and grew up in Glenview, IL. For fifteen years she taught in Schaumburg, IL schools. She taught students with special needs, language arts and social studies, and also served as the library media teacher. Loose Tooth Trouble is her first children’s book.

Special note: Melissa personalizes all books upon request!

Book Reviews for the Children’s Book Loose Tooth Trouble

Read what others are saying about the children’s book, Loose Tooth Trouble, written by Melissa Bixby and Illustrated by Adam Barney. 

“Loose Tooth Trouble”: New children’s book addresses what kids may feel when losing their baby teeth.

Illinois author Melissa Bixby has written a new children’s book on a subject that happens to every kid—loose teeth. Loose Tooth Trouble is a great read for any youngster who has built up a fear of losing their teeth.
Continuing, “Initial feedback has been fantastic to say the very least. Parents are appreciating how adding humor can make a difficult situation a little easier to deal with. There’s other ideas on my writing table and, while I can’t spill the beans yet–expect more books very soon.”
As Bixby mentioned, her work has been received with strong reviews. JoAnn B comments, “Every ‘hard’ thing in life makes us feel like this is ‘the worst thing that could happen.’ This book helps five-, six-, and seven-year-olds realize that we all go through this, we all worry, and we all survive. Celebrate the imagination of solving life’s crises and remember, Mom knows best!”
Andrea W. adds, “Melissa Bixby’s Loose Tooth Trouble is a new classic. It’s funny, imaginative, cute, and all together creative. The artistry depicts the story in a whole new way making the readers think with Bobby on how to get his tooth out instead of just for him. Great piece of work!”
We can all remember the anticipation of the Tooth Fairy when having a loose tooth. Melissa Bixby’s adorable book, Loose Tooth Trouble reminds us what it’s like to wait for a bothersome loose tooth to finally fall out so the Tooth Fairy can visit. This book with it’s unique storyline finds creative ways to help the main character, Bobby, loose a tooth and comedic predictability that children love. After reading the book to my boys, my five year old seemed to love the illustrations and thought they were hilarious. My seven year old said he “loved all the different ideas, they were super-weird! They’re funny.” Loose Tooth Trouble is now a staple read whenever one of my boys have a loose tooth.
Amy’s Review
Losing a tooth is a rite of passage for so many children…and their parents! Melissa Bixby has written a book that shares the excitement and anxiety a child feels when they are about to lose a tooth. And some of my students are characters in this as well, which makes it extra special!

    Joni Huss’s Review
    I read “Loose Tooth Trouble” by Melissa Bixby to my two grandsons (ages 4 and 8). I won this book on Goodreads. They loved it! It was a cute and creative story about a boy named Bobby who has a loose tooth and the many suggestions and advice he receives about it. The boys also loved trying to find his pet that is in every illustration. They enjoyed the story and wanted to hear it again! The illustrations are beautiful and the story was fun!

    Entertaining Children’s Story With Positive Message

    By A.C. Szul on July 5, 2015

    If there ever was a book that deserved a spot on the table in the children’s dentist office, it’s “Loose Tooth Trouble.”

    Written by Melissa Bixby with a delightful attention to detail and colorfully illustrated by Adam Barney, this action-packed children’s story gets it right on each page.
    The fun story follows a boy named Bobby who has a loose tooth. Presented in an entertaining way, the story offers kids a positive message: Mom knows best.
    A recurring animal character throughout the adventure makes it especially fun for kids who own a pet. (You’ll have to pick up a copy to find out which cuddly pet.)
    The illustrations are full of depth, aligning creatively with the author’s vision. In one scene, when a child friend of Bobby’s suggests that he tie his tooth to a rocket, the colorful drawing grabs your attention.
    The action-oriented settings vary – from a playground to a bowling alley and a classroom to a school bus. In each scene readers are entertained by the recommendations offered to Bobby to help him remove his tooth.
    So if you’re a dentist, this this is the book you want your customer boys, girls and parents reading in your waiting room. And if you’re a parent or older sibling, gift this book to your kid brother or sister. They’ll keep laughing and smiling.
    Creative and funny!
    By Katherine B.on October 20, 2015
    My children love imagining along with Bobby all the silly ways people suggest to help him with his loose tooth. Melissa Bixby has made a fun new classic my children want to read again and again. They chant along with the repetition “hurt worse.” Adam Barney’s drawing are hilarious and creative. I have found my 6 year old alone trying to find “Joey, the cat,” on every page. I hope there are more books in the making!
    By Amazon Customer on June 19, 2015
    My 6 year old loved it! Was able to relate easily as he just lost his first two teeth. Hoping “Bobby” will return in a series.
    By Jody B on June 16, 2015
    Every “hard” thing in life makes us feel like this is “the worst thing that could happen.” This book helps 5’s, 6’s, and 7’s realize that we all go through this, we all worry, and we all survive. Celebrate the imagination of solving life’s crises and remember, Mom knows best.
    By DT on February 16, 2017
    This is such a fun book to read with your kids! My daughter loved all the illustrations!! I would definitely recommend this on all of your shelves. If you haven’t bought it already, please buy it!

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