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Funny Phonetic Poetry Posters

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This is a collection of 23 original, humorous poems, written with focus on particular phonetic consonant sounds in speech, written by Melissa Bixby.

When read aloud, children will be able to connect with the phonemic sounds, through the poems, and visually through a follow up activity. For example, have the students complete or alter the visual illustration that depicts the action of each poem in an entertaining fashion.

Have students rewrite the poems using their own ideas!

The poems range in variety and type. You can create a binder of poetry pages, bind each students work as a book, have students create large posters with their illustrations, or use them in just about ANY way you can imagine!

I've attached all the poems, in normal font, at the end of the document, so no matter what you have a clean copy of all of the original poems. Thanks and Enjoy!
(28 pages - .doc format)