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Gift set for kids who lose a tooth. Unique tooth fairy set.

Book Gift Set

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Personalized Book Gift Set Includes:

a signed, personalized, hardcover copy of the book with dust jacket, a Loose Tooth Tooth Fairy Lined Zipper Pouch to keep loose teeth safe for the tooth fairy, an illustrated bookmark, a tooth fairy note card (blank inside) with white envelope, ready to personalize.

*Buying the Gift Set saves you money, and you get 2 free items - the bookmark and the tooth fairy notecard!

About the Book

Bobby has a loose tooth, and every time he wiggles it, it hurts!

Journey through this imaginative character’s day, as he receives some hilarious, outrageous, and comical suggestions, on how to remove his tooth, and end his loose tooth trouble.

This quirky, fun story, coupled with creative and hilarious illustrations, tackles a universal dilemma that all children are faced with during their childhood, and guides the reader to appreciate that sometimes the simplest solution is the best one.

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